Skippings Gallery is the ground floor of a Grade II listed Georgian house in the centre of Great Yarmouth. The building belongs to the Great Yarmouth Preservation Trust, who lovingly restored it. I will be running the Gallery from August 2016 onwards.

As an art expert and art historian, I have been focusing on international art – French art, tribal art, Caribbean paintings, Russian pictures, paintings from foreign artists who settled in France- for almost twenty years.

I arrived in Paris from London in the late 1990s, and much as I hated it at first, it has become my home, and I will never be able to thank France enough for the beauty  it helped me discover.

What I’d like to bring to to Norfolk  is a wealth of eclectic objects from different periods which translate into colour, warmth and comfort. I lived in Oxford, then in Norwich, and I loved many things about both places. But what struck me about being back in the UK after a long absence was that access to fine art was decidedly more difficult than in Paris.

I’d like to make it abundant in Great Yarmouth through Skippings Gallery. My mission – through this website, through our wonderful building, through regular events and exhibitions  – is to connect great people with great art

To introduce you to new friends, young and old, from around the world, whose personalities, colours and textures will intrigue you, inspire you and comfort you.

I’d also like to introduce Great Yarmouth to my artistic, and art-collecting French friends, because the town has such a lot to offer. Les Amis, venez visiter!

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133 King Street,

Great Yarmouth,

Norfolk, NR30 2PQ


Tel: 0747 257 2398

Email: skippingsgallery@gmail.com

Web: www.skippngsgallery.com

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